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Types of Web Hosting Done In The World Wide Web

  04/04/16 16:07, by admin, Categories: web host

Web hosting is one of the most sorted after services in the world. The people around the globe are seeking for these service providers that will help them in hosting their web pages or websites online. The word hosting simply refers to the point where one provides the website a minimum amount of space in the online server. It is this space that takes your web page live on the internet. Without this server space your web page will never be online over the World Wide Web. There are a number of web hosts and various types of hosting service provided to the customers. The detailed information on the famous types of web hosting services that are available these days are listed below.

  • Free web hosting- There are some service providers who provide the web page hosting free of cost for a certain period of time. These service providers stand on with the help of ads that are posted on the web site.
  • Shared web hosting- This is a type of web hosting that allows a single server to be shared between thousands of website. Many different web pages share a single resource that is the RAM and CPU between them. This type of hosting is done by the web hosting service providers.
  • Reseller Web Hosting- In this type of web hosting the clients are made the web host as a reseller account is sold to the clients.
  • Virtual Dedicated Server- This service is also known as the Virtual Private Server/VPS hosting. In this service the server is divided into virtual spaces. These spaces never allow the client to look into the underlying hardware.
  • Dedicated hosting- This is a web hosting service in which the client gets its own server and gets full access to it unlike others in the list.