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Having Google plus signals will help you rank

  11/05/17 14:37, by admin, Categories: Social

Links from social network is used as a metric by google to rank any websites in serp. The users are sharing and forwarding the source url as it get's visits from different sections and thus these type of deep links are really helpful to make our site more authority.

As social network giants like facebook and others are getting huge and bigger traffic, google also created it's own network called google plus. As the name says, it will also help the ranking on google.  Create a google plus page for your site and increase the google plus counts to get the maximum benefits.


Having Google plus signals will help you rank

Another important usage is the referral traffic, as the shares are increasing day by day, your site will get various demographic users in your niche and thus decreasing your bounce rate, that also serve as a metric to google giant. Few posts shared on google plus itself ranked in google first page and it also keep  sending countless referrals to the respective sites.

So, with google plus, you can add other social networks which are also help to rank in google. Few examples are facebook, twitter, pinterest and other sites. If you are looking to buy these google plus ones, then look at this site https://www.rantic.com for more details.